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5 Tips For a Healthier Happier You

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Whenever we read or hear about ‘healthy living’ we instantly think about food and exercise. However, there are also other equations to this puzzle which are being ignored ever wondered what they could be? Well, look no further because here are my 5 tips to a healthier happier you!

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I know this may not be the thing for everyone and many do like to just go with the flow but I am all about routine! When you have a busy schedule which for me involves things like household chores, work, cooking, blogging and of course taking care of a baby - a routine is a life saver! I am lucky that Little A started a routine herself quite early on in her little life, so her times to eat and sleep are nearly always the same, I say nearly because there really cannot be a guarantee with a baby.

So I form my routine around her routine, the best way to get this done is to plan ahead, have in mind what you want to the next day and in what order, I attempt to get the little things done and over with first. It really doesn’t matter if you haven’t been able to complete all of your tasks for the day, at least you tried. Having a routine means you are spending less time stressing over what needs to be done and more time doing!

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I know, I know that I said I will not be talking about exercise and I’m still not going to! Walking is not just part of exercise but also for your mind too. Most of the time, we find ourselves going out for a walk because we have to run an errand. How about taking some minutes out of the day or your weekend if not possible during the week to just go for a walk for yourself?

Even if it’s just in your garden. Take in the beauty of nature, listen to the birds chirping away or in reality the car horns and cat fights in a neighbours garden. The purpose of this is just to get you outside to relax rather than always rushing around.

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De Clutter Your Mind!

 We are always hearing and reading about tips on decluttering our homes, workstations and wardrobes but what about our minds? Our mind is a very important tool, without it we are nothing! Have you ever thought about what you are hoarding up there?

 Switch your mind off from the world, immerse yourself in an activity that doesn’t force you to think about ‘what and why happened’ this can be by reading a book, cleaning, watching your favourite movie or tv show, whatever keeps your mind occupied.

You could even go a step further and write a list of thoughts that encapsulate your mind and then tear that paper up and put it in the bin!

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 Ever since becoming a parent, I have come to know the importance of sleep. I have always been an early riser as I find that I get so much more done because of the increased time I have at hand. However, before Parenthood, I use to go to bed past 11pm but now I have found myself going to sleep sometimes 8 or 9pm, 10 at the very latest.

 My reasons are that even if I want a lie in tomorrow, I can’t have that and of course the numerous amount of awakenings at night, have to prepare myself for that! But predominantly, the earlier you will go to sleep, the more happier and less groggy you will be in the morning. It’s very tempting after a long hard day to just put on Netflix and just binge watch past midnight but hey, nighttime is for sleep for a reason! An hour or two before bed, do the most difficult thing ever (I’m still working on it but getting there, s-l-o-w-l-y) switch everything off, listen to some relaxing music, practice some self care and just wind down, prepare your body and mind for sleep.

I actually learnt this from Little A whilst figuring out her bedtime routine. It’s very important for babies to wind down at least an hour or so before bed and stay away from blue light. It’s also important for the routine to be same and consistent to help babies sleep better. There must be some logic behind this so why not apply to it adults? I’m sure we would all get some good rest too.

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Be Yourself 

 In this day and age where there is a great impact of social media, many are finding it difficult to just be themselves. There is some sort of a pressure that people, day to day, are putting on themselves - it’s all about looking, dressing and even acting a certain way and amongst all of this we are losing our own selves. This is one of the most unhealthiest things we can do to ourselves and I’d sadly say that you become your own worst enemy when you begin to lose yourself in the crowd.

There is one thing that you should be reminding yourself, ‘it’s all for show’ we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, behind the perfect picture we drool over on Instagram. Sometimes people end up thinking that’s the way it always is, no it’s not! And it’s not just about the impact of social media, in our own everyday lives we are constantly thinking about what others think, how about what you think? Are you comfortable? That’s all that matters! Stop trying to be who you are not and just be the beautiful person you already are!

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 I hope you found these tips useful, please do share your own tips as well as your thoughts below!

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Mummy Tag

I saw this tag on the lovely Jasmin’s blog and since she has tagged all the mothers out there, I thought why not give it a go!

How old were you when you had your first child?
I was 22 years old when I found out I was pregnant and just shy of 23 when I gave birth.

What was the hardest thing about being pregnant for 9 months?
Well, I have never been pregnant for 9 months! First pregnancy lasted 32 weeks and the second pregnancy, we made it to 36 weeks. But considering the hardest thing.. there are many for example not being able to do day to day chores or not being able to sleep but what tops all of this is the emotional effect that it has, having the constant feeling of something going wrong is definitely the most difficult part of being pregnant especially in a Rainbow pregnancy.

Can you think of any good things you enjoyed during those 9 months?
Obviously when your little one first kicks you and you begin to bond. Also figuring out what got the babies excited and moving, going baby shopping - literally nearly everything and of course being the centre of attention!

In your opinion, were all the things you heard about childbirth accurate or way off?

This is a difficult one to answer because both experiences of child birth were worlds apart. During my first pregnancy, I had heard horror stories of labour and giving birth and my experience was a breeze, literally! During my second pregnancy, I was more positive about labour and the opposite happened - so to answer the question, way off both times.

Would you have handled child birth differently if you could re do it?
I would not give birth on my back, apparently that is most difficult position and yet is the most common! Or with the second birth, I would opt for a c section. Yes, I understand that a c section is not a joke, it is major surgery but if I did have a c section with Little A, I guess I wouldn’t have ended up disabled for over a month - full birth story here.

What would be your advice for someone who is about to have a baby?
Just focus on yourself and your baby and don’t read into birth stories much, yes it’s good to be ‘prepared’ but everyone’s labour and delivery is different, child birth is unpredictable, just keep your mind on the end goal.

What has been the hardest thing since becoming a Mum?

Putting yourself second but this is hard only when you are so sick and would be prefer to be bed ridden. Instead, I’d be happily dancing around the kitchen and singing keeping Little A entertained! Or not being able to have much sleep, hardly any sleep and still be required to function fully. Also when you can’t figure out why your baby is crying.

What has been the most rewarding thing about being a Mum?

Watching Little A grow and become a little lady with a big personality. I sometimes sit back and just stare at her and think, was she really inside me?

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being a Mum?
Mothers intuition! I realised this on the very first day - you can recognise your baby’s cry when you’re not even in the room. On Little A’s first day at NICU, she was in a room full of little babies and I was told to come back at 9pm to feed her, I was resting in the family room and at around 8:30pm I heard Little A cry, it could have been any one of those babies crying but I was sure it was her and I sped my way there and I was right!

What is the best memory you have involving your child?
There are absolutely countless of wonderful memories but I guess nothing beats the memory of when you have finally given birth and the doctor holds your slimy, covered in blood crying baby up for you to see for the first time and then on your chest.

What was the most exciting milestone?

All milestones are exciting but one particular milestone we both hit together recently is weaning her from the bottles and just breastfeeding her. We proved everyone wrong, all the comments that combined fed babies end up rejecting mother’s milk, that I can’t ‘just’ breastfeed her, well I am, despite the rubbish support in the beginning that lead to combine feeding in the first place - full story here.

What is the worst thing your child has done?
My mind instantly ran off to when Little A was around 4 months old and whilst feeding her a bottle, I felt something run down my legs - what was it? A very explosive poop, that Little A decided to bathe me, our furniture and carpet in!

What habit do you wish your child didn’t have?

She doesn’t have any bad habits.

What habit of theirs are you most proud of?

That she’s always trying to explore and master new skills even those that she shouldn’t be - shows us that she’s quite adventurous! Although, this can become very tiring for me!

Do you share any similarities with your child (both physical and personality)?
When she was a newborn she use to sleep like me, even in the womb as seen in scans and she does look like me. Personality wise, she reminds me of my teenage years.. I know that’s a very weird comparison but it’s true.

Where would you like your child to be in 10 years?

At school of course!

What is something that having a child has taught you?

Patience! Just imagine not being able to communicate or understand someone. You really have to exercise patience at every step of the way when you have a child.

Did you imagine you would become a Mum at the age you did? 
I always said that I’d like 2 kids by the time I am 24 and that’s what has happened.

Describe your child in one sentence?
The most wonderful little being and my best friend. 

How have you changed as a person since becoming a Mum?

In so many different ways that I can’t put into words. I am completely different, I am more patient and strong minded yet can get unbelievably anxious at times - I haven’t had anxiety before but now I do whenever it’s something to do with Little’s A safety or literally anything to do with her but I guess that is part and parcel of parenting! 


Hope you enjoyed reading my answers, go ahead and do the mummy tag too! 
Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, 9 February 2018

The Versatile Blogger Award

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Well I really was not expecting this! In just a month being nominated for my second blogging award! A great big thank you to the lovely Jemma for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Be sure to check out Jemma’s blog and her YouTube channel - go and subscribe now!

 So what’s the Versatile Blogger Award all about?

 You need to write 7 interesting facts about yourself and then nominate 15 other bloggers!

 So without further ado, what’s so interesting about me?

 1. I got run over by a car at 9 years old, Saturday May 11th 2002 at 5pm to be exact and I didn’t break any bones!

2. In my early teens I was obsessed with writing fanfictions which included Twilight, Spooks and yes The Jonas Brothers (runs away!).

 3. My actual inspiration to start a parenting blog are vloggers on YouTube - I thought to myself ‘I can do this too!’ But not behind the camera but from behind my keyboard instead!

4. I am a Law graduate with a Masters in Law as well and hope to achieve a PhD in Law someday too.

5. The Mum Affairs isn’t my first blog, I started one a couple of years ago about law and politics, it didn’t have much success because I wasn’t on any social media, I had no idea that was a must!

 6. What feels like many years ago, I started writing a novel, had written around 15 chapters and it all got lost and I still haven’t gotten over it. Do I plan on going back to it? I don’t know. I’m not that same person anymore who wrote those words so I guess trying to rewrite and continuing it wouldn’t do it any justice.

 7. I use to be really shy at school, not when approaching or talking to peers but I was that girl who would want to participate in class discussions or answer a question but either I’d think a million times over before raising my hand or not say anything at all - thankfully as the years went by, I got over this  and became a bit  more vocal during lessons.

 I now nominate: 

Malorie from Maloreads
Stephanie Vivienne 
Daddy Poppins 
Rachel from Ordinary Hopes  
Dawn from Rhyming with Wine
 Jess from Jess in Wonderland
Lena Dee
Another Little Birdie
Maud from My Passion Projects
Emily from Babies and Beauty
Jasmin from The Little Things With Jassy
 Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine
Natalie from Mum in Brum
Bethany from Mama Finds Her Way
Grianne Kelly from Mother Almost Never Knows Best


Let’s have some fun and when you leave your thoughts below write at least one interesting fact about yourself too!
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Monday, 5 February 2018

The Fear of Dressing Your Own Baby

Being a parent, you always find yourself worrying about one thing or another and I have been no different. I don’t know if this is because Little A’s my Rainbow baby which I do think plays a huge role in how I feel about everything that has to do with her but whatever it is I am always anxious about everything being right for her.

One of the most concerning thoughts I had was nighttime, whether or not she’d be too cold or too hot and after doing some research I realised we needed a room thermometer. A room thermometer is just one of the most important essentials that a parent has to buy when it comes to baby shopping.


Babies cannot regulate their own body temperature just like we can do as adults. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure our little ones are dressed accordingly at night time – a common mistake that many parents make is over dressing babies at night worrying that baby will get cold, I use to worry too but until I came to learn that its better for the baby to be cold rather than hot, as overheating can have severe consequences. 

There are now numerous charts available online that explain how to dress your baby at what temperature and this is where the Groegg comes in.

I  had many people suggest to me that I could just simply get a normal thermometer but normal thermometers can be difficult to read in the dark and when you’re handling a baby at night (most likely in a very sleep deprived state) you just don't want to fiddle around for the light or the torch on your phone in case you may end up waking your precious little one who took forever to go to sleep.
One of the best features of the Groegg is that it changes colours according to the temperature range. At the back of the Groegg there is a short guideline which explains what is too cold, recommended, warm and too warm for your baby.

In the beginning, I was shocked to realise that what I might find cold at night was actually just the perfect temperature for Little A, being paranoid (as you are with everything that has to do with your baby) I would regularly feel Little A tummy, chest and back of her neck to see if she was too cold or too hot but she has always been just right as I have dressed her according to the room temperature. Yes, every baby is different but you soon realise what is right for your baby.

Things to bear in mind, never put the thermometer near a window, door or radiator as that is bound to effect the temperature it shows. I had read mixed reviews online for the Groegg and I must admit I did think a thousand times over before purchasing but now nearly a year on, I have to say that it is by far my best purchase – if we are staying the night elsewhere, it comes with!

Another great feature is that it has proven to be a great night light, I can clearly see Little A  without having to switch on any other lights!

I bought the Groegg thermometer from Tesco Direct for £15 in January 2017 (price may have changed and will differ depending from where you buy).


Have you had any worries about dressing your baby at night? How did you resolve them?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, I chose to do this review out of my own preference just to share my experience.

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Friday, 2 February 2018

January Favourites

It has now been a month since I joined the blogging community and what an amazing month it has been! I have decided to do monthly favourites post of my 10 favourite posts that I read in the month. However, this wasn't as easy as it looks because everything that I read deserves to be spoken about so shortlisting to just 10 posts has given me a right headache! But here goes..

I will choosing 5 parenting posts and 5 lifestyle to give it a good balance!

You will find the links to the post in the titles as well as the bloggers twitter in the their name.

So in no particular order.

This is a post that really touched my heart and it would not be cheesy to say my soul too. Reading Rachel's words it was as if though, I was reliving my first pregnancy all over again. Even though Rachel and I had different outcomes, I absolutely adored the way she chose to tell her story. Rachel speaks about being an oblivious mum to be who received a shocking news that no parent wants to hear about their precious little one. She beautifully portrayed her journey from the beginning till now and what's so amazing is how she has made something what most people would think as a negativity into something so positive and inspirational.

This is a post that really made me question myself and my parenting style. Lucy talks about how we should actually be using positive words instead of negatives such as 'no' and 'don't' and there's a really interesting reason why! I now have a cheeky 11 month old who surprisingly understands the meaning of no and gets into a lot of mischief so I have been saying no to her a lot. But am I actually encouraging her to the exact thing that I don't want her to do? It's something to think about! Whether or not you are a parent and regardless of what stage you are at in your life, this is a must read as it applies to everyone not just parents.

Alice, I believe, is the voice of a thousand and more mothers and I am actually one of them. It takes a lot of courage to speak up when we have been mistreated and have not received the right support and this is what happened when Alice had her beautiful boy. Alice courageously talks about her breastfeeding journey and why is it that she is so upset and angry and she has most certainly every right to be. This is not only a must read because it addresses issues that most do not want to talk about but because it raises questions about health professionals and the way they are supposed to carry out their duties.

Since becoming a parent I have always wondered how different the perception of parenting is when you are not a parent yourself. You never truly know until you find yourself in the thick of it, one of the reasons being is you are always given the different side to it, people only portray the sunny side. Daddy Poppins has fabulously written a piece which is the voice of many shocked and new parents, if you want a good read as well as a laugh don't forget to give this a read!

When I reached the end of this post, the only word that came out of my mouth was WOW - I was honestly lost for words and had no idea what to write in Lucy's comments section and I think you would react the same if you read this. It is true to its title and I would say it is the ultimate Declaration of Motherhood. Just through this one post, Lucy tackles so many dilemmas, controversies, questions, theories and puts them all to rest by just saying that she is a mother too. Regardless of our choices as mothers, we are all the same, we are all one.

I went back to work last month and even though only part time, I began to wonder how on earth would I manage to keep up with blogging, work as well as a baby. I then came across Leah's post about how it is like when blogging is your hobby and passion and you have a full time job as well. She depicts the picture very well that it isn't always a perfect balance. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and difficult decisions that you don't want too. Give this a read to find out what really goes on behind the scenes.

Fran's post was where I had first heard about the #SmearForSmear campaign. Many women put off having a cervical screening for number of reasons and Fran highlights why is it so important to get checked regularly and shares her own story. It is only a matter of minutes that could potentially save your life, it was this post that urged me to make that phone call to the GP that I myself was putting off. I definitely believe you should have a read and share with everyone to raise awareness even if cervical cancer awareness week has ended we should not being taking a back seat.

As a new blogger I am always on the look for reading posts that could help expand my knowledge regarding the blogging community and I am so glad that I came across this post. April sums it all up so perfectly for us! Blogging is a very big world and in the beginning you do feel like a small teeny tiny fish in the big sea but with these tips, tricks and really good advice you can make a big difference in getting yourself and your blog known. This is not only a must read for new bloggers but I believe for all bloggers as there's no harm in following this advice at any stage of your blogging life.

This is one of those posts that really do take your breath away! Not only with her words does Peta mesmerise you but with her beautiful photography too! Peta transforms us into another world where you are your number one priority. I absolutely loved her analogy of butterflies and how it is now our time to spread our wings and fly, bringing out the beautiful in us.
She also has a freebie for you all!

This is one of them posts that is not only very honest but a reflection, I believe, how we all at some point in our lives feel. Even if we hate to admit it we do come across toxic people who are not good for us, sometimes we are dragged and pushed and we don't do anything about it but sometimes it comes to a point when we just have put our hands up and say enough is enough. Jordanne bravely shares her experience and speaks about what changes she will be making to not let the old make home with the new.
Go and have a read and encourage yourselves to do the same!


Recap - The Top 10.

Don't forget to give these wonderful pieces of work a read and let them know what you thought of it too!

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My Five Breastfeeding Mistakes

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All throughout my pregnancy with Little A I knew that I wanted to breastfeed not because of what is fuelled down our throats 'Breast is best' but because everyone around me had successfully breastfed their children and I wanted to give it a go, I myself was breastfed for three years.

I liked the idea of mother's milk containing anti bodies and the fact that it changed overtime to suit your baby, baby has a cold, the milk would change to help her, it's summer so the milk would turn watery to accommodate baby's thirst and so much more - what more could I want for my baby! I won't go into more details of the benefits of breastfeeding as we hear it all the time.

Nevertheless, na├»ve old me prodded along the pregnancy without doing any research into breastfeeding. It never crossed my mind that I should because breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural experience, you just pop the baby on and that's it! This is a mistake or what I prefer to call a  sin that I committed which I regret till this day and I know I probably will till the end of time.

By the end of this post, you probably think I am the most stupid person in the world but regardless of what you think I want to share my experience with you all because if any of you or anyone around you intend to breastfeed the little ones, you don't make the same mistakes that I did.

So here goes... this is long so go and grab a cup of tea and a biscuit first!

Little A and I didn’t have the best of beginnings, she had a 4 day neonatal stay and I was left disabled unable to visit (you can read the details here). Due to her Jaundice even when I was at the hospital with her I was told by the Doctors that she needed formula to help her otherwise such and such can happen. With her being my Rainbow baby and being already poked with needles and drips, my mind took a u-turn for the negative and I just said ‘you obviously know better than me, just help her get better please,’.

Even though, I now know that some breastfed babies who end up with Jaundice don’t need formula at all, they just need time - I still don’t regret my decision on agreeing to give her formula at NICU because I just wanted to avoid the worst case scenario.

I still had the intention to breastfeed.

When I had been at the hospital I thought I was doing well because feeding her did help get her sugar levels up but I guess the jaundice and me being ordered to go home hindered our journey from the very beginning.

Little A came home on 28th February and I fed her all night, she wouldn’t settle and I thought my milk wasn’t enough, it was only day 4 so maybe it hadn’t come properly so ended up giving 30ml of formula that the hospital had given.


The baby needs to suck, suck and suck to send a message to your body to make milk! It didn’t matter if my milk hadn’t come in or not, this is somewhat how most new breastfeeding mums feel in the first few days as it’s difficult but you need to persevere.

The next day Little A was weighed and she had dropped weight slightly which is expected of all babies and I made the decision to ditch the formula and exclusively breastfeed regardless of whatever the situation.

One of the signs that your baby is getting milk is baby having regular wet and dirty nappies which she was so we had a nothing to worry about. Come Monday, 6th March, day 10, I had a visit from the Health Visitor and I happily gloated that I had been exclusively breastfeeding for the past few days. Little A was then weighed and the Health Visitor was not happy - Little A had not lost weight but her weight had stagnated. I was advised that I had to give her 20ml top ups of formula after breastfeeding her. So that's what we did.


Little A was only 10 days old! Most babies do not regain their birth weight in this time, especially breastfed babies.

I was then visited by the Midwife and was told to continue with the Health Visitor's advice, I was also told that Little A's weight would be checked again on a certain date and if she hadn't regained her birth weight then she would be referred to the hospital. Hearing this, alarm bells began ringing in my ears at the thought of Little A being hospitalised again, being separated from her again, her getting poked and prodded again - so in order to avoid this we continued with the advice.


We were not just helping her to regain weight by topping up with formula after feeds, we were stretching her little stomach.

Little A regained her weight and I again expressed my wish to exclusively breastfeed. I was told to stop all the top ups straightaway and just breastfeed and her weight would be checked again in three days.


Stopping all the top ups straightaway was not the right advice, this should have been done gradually to get Little A used to it. In those three days, I breastfed and she went through a growth spurt and was feeding all the time. I kept hearing, 'maybe she wants the formula,' ' she's still hungry' ' she's not getting enough milk,' to the extent that I began to resent feeding her but I still persevered.

Along came the Midwife and weighed Little A - again, her weight stagnated. She was nor gaining or losing weight, it was just stuck. Little A was checked for tongue tie and her latch that I thought should have been better was said to be absolutely fine.

By this time, I had lost all confidence in myself, I was given leaflets of times and places of breastfeeding cafes that I could attend. The health professionals, GP, Midwife and Health Visitor all knew that I could not walk, I was not offered a home visit by a breastfeeding counsellor which I now know could have happened. It was not investigated why she wasn't gaining weight, I was asked if I had a breast pump and when I said that I didn't I was told that it didn't matter.


I should have been told that it did matter! I now know that women in my situation who might be effected with low supply pump after each feed to help increase it. The formula top ups could have been top ups of expressed milk. Instead I was told that babies are clever and manipulating human beings and that Little A was craving formula.

I then made the difficult decision to combine feed, for weeks this was all over the place but eventually turned into three bottles a day so Little A was still getting majority of breast milk. Her weight gain was brilliant but of course that wasn't just down those three bottles because babies cannot survive on just three feeds a day, it was my milk that was helping her.

But I still had a lack in confidence, low self esteem, began to feel like a complete failure because I couldn't exclusively breastfeed when things could have been really different for us and it is sad that feeding has overshadowed our first year.

I knew that when babies began solid foods they gradually and slowly dropped milk feeds. So I decided that if she did drop a feed it'd be a bottle if it were a breastfeed I'd swap it the other way around. I can confirm that now at 11 months and 5 days old, Little A no longer has any bottles it is just breastmilk and solids. I do feel proud of us both that we managed to make this big change when all along I was getting told that babies who are combine fed end up rejecting mother's milk and prefer the bottle as that is much easier. However, Little A, always preferred me compared to the formula.

I just want to make a few things clear, I have nothing against formula feeding because I have experience of both I actually salute those mothers who do formula feed their babies because it is such hard work! Sterilising, making up the bottles especially in those first few weeks when babies are very unpredictable and have no routine whereas now that I just breastfeed I don't have to make Little A wait, I don't have to worry about having all the right feeding equipment in my bag when we go out. I don't have to get out of bed when she wakes up for a feed in the middle of the night!

A month or so ago, it was on the news that new mothers in certain areas would be getting incentives such as vouchers to encourage them to breastfeed their children - I just wanted to say that I find that very shameful because the low breastfeeding rates in this country is only because the support is lacking. Health professionals complain about the low rates but are the ones to quickly suggest formula to mothers like me.

According to the NHS website, breastfeeding is quite popular in this country - around 75% of mothers begin breastfeeding and at around three months old 17% are still exclusively breastfed. What happened to the rest of 58% of mothers who began breastfeeding? Something to think about!


Before I say goodbye I just wanted to add that I am not a medical professional, I have only just put forward my experience, if you do find yourself in a similar situation as me - do your research and ask for help and make the decision that is right for you and your baby because at the end of the day, a happy mummy equals to a happy baby.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Credit: Not me!
I felt so overwhelmed with emotions when I came home from work yesterday and found out that the lovely Malorie had nominated me for this award! It has not even been a month since I joined the blogging world so I was really not expecting this at all!

Thank you so much Malorie! Do go check out her wonderful blog Maloreads - from lifestyle to books to challenges, she's got it all!

You can connect with Malorie here:

Before I dive into answering the questions, here are the rules!

1. Thank the awesome blogger who nominated you!
2. Answer all of the 11 questions you were asked by the blogger.
3. Nominate further 11 bloggers and ask them your own 11 questions!
4. List the rules in your post as well the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or blog.

So without further ado, let's answer!
(Just be warned I do get carried away with my answers)


1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I have always found myself wanting to say something especially since becoming a mother. Being the only one out of all my friends to have a baby, I'd think twice whether my friends want to hear about Little A's random poop explosion or how I ended up going out and not realising that I have baby puke all over me or being very sleep deprived I wore my clothes the wrong way round and only realised in the evening - these are just a few examples.

So coming across parenting blogs I realised that this is what I want! I didn't know that the blogging community was so big, I first came across vloggers on YouTube then bloggers. Since I have always had a passion for writing I thought why not combine being a Mum and writing!

2. What's been your favourite post from your blog so far?
My favourite so far is the one that was the most difficult to write emotionally, 'Birth and Beyond: How I Really Feel' Little A's birth story. I have put this as my favourite because when I read it, I can feel proud of myself that I actually managed to write that and share such a personal and to an extent a traumatic experience with the world. I wrote this with the hope that someone may read it and it encourages them to open up their feelings as well one way or another because from my own experience I know that keeping such feelings bottled up can only do damage not good.

3. What's your favourite social media platform?
Twitter! I am actually only active on Twitter although I have made Facebook and Instagram accounts but I find twitter so simple and easy to use and communicate with fellow bloggers.

4. What's your greatest achievement outside of blogging?
At first I was confused as to what I can write here but thinking about it, there are two which are connected, it is actually that I achieved a Merit in my Masters of Laws which I did whilst I was pregnant with my first born, my Angel baby, an eventful and emotional pregnancy. Coinciding with this, managing to attend my graduation ceremony a little over a month after my son grew his angel wings. I remember to not wanting to be there, not wanting to face the happy crowds but I just told myself that my son would be so proud of me today. So I walked onto the stage, keeping my son in my mind and smiled an actual genuine smile.

5. What's a short-term goal you wish to accomplish before the end of the year?
I have a couple of goals for this year that I wish to achieve by the end of the year which are listed here but if I had to choose one between them all then it would have to be moving to a bigger home. With Little A growing up so quickly she needs more space, everyday is like a reminder that we need to move. Although, some people do manage with the space that we have and I feel grateful for what we have but I'd like her to have the freedom that I had when I was a child. This goal, I am confident, will be achieved by the summer.

6. What's your ideal of day?
An ideal day would be a day where I'd manage to get everything done. Whether that's going to work, cooking, cleaning, blogging, keeping Little A happy and entertained, eating (I sometimes forget).

7. What's your favourite book?
If you had asked me this question 10 years ago I would have instantly wrote either the Twilight or the Harry Potter books but now I really don't have a favourite. Anything that I may come across and read and end up liking will become my favourite for the time being.

8. Who's your celebrity crush?
If I was younger I probably would have written Johnny Depp or Gareth Barry (footballer) but now I actually don't have one! I'm so boring, right?

9. Who would you most like to sit next to on a 10-hour flight and why?
My Mum! This is because we both would always have something to talk about and she would take good care of Little A when I'd want to rest my eyes..

10. If you could go back in time to witness a historical event, and only witness it, which event would you pick?
There are many historical events that I would like to witness and change but the one event that I would happily witness and not want to change would be in 1918 when British women first got to vote. It really would have been impeccable and surreal to witness this great achievement.

11. Is there a country you have always wanted to visit, and if so, where?
This is a difficult one! It would have to be a tie between Turkey and Canada! Turkey because of its history and culture and Canada because I have no idea why but I have this strange obsession with Canada, I think Canada is the only other country in the world that I can see myself living in other than the UK.


I now nominate..

Kerry from The Mummy Thomas blog
Hannah from Hannah The Mad Dog.
Rebecca from Rebecca Reviews.
Lucy from Lucy at Home.
Millie Berman
Wendy from the Nap Time Natter.

My questions are:

1. Who or what is your blogging inspiration?
2. What are your hobbies other than blogging?
3. What did you want to be when you were younger?
4. If you could travel into the future which year would go to and why?
5. What's your favourite quote?
6. What was the last thing you ate?
7. What's the first thing you notice about people?
8. Cookies, cakes or doughnuts?
9. Do you bulk write your posts or write as you go along?
10. When is your birthday?
11. Any advice for the younger you?


Thank you everyone for stopping by and don't forget to leave your lovely thoughts below!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Back to Work Blues

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The last time I worked was before I knew I was pregnant with Little A all the way back in 2016. I had applied here and there during the pregnancy but wasn’t getting anywhere so I took that as a sign to just put up my feet and truthfully speaking it just didn’t begin to sit right with me to start a new role, having to then leave.

Now 1.5 years later, I am back at work! I am ever so excited to get out there and do my best but my heart felt a ping when I left the door for the first time for work last week and not because of the dramatic fashion that it all occurred in, I will go into detail later, but because I was leaving my 11 month old baby girl behind.

Although, I was only going to be away for just half of the day and have been away for that amount of time from her before, this just felt completely different. Perhaps because I knew this was going to be a regular occurrence from now on, whatever the reason, I did end up questioning myself on the journey there as to whether or not I was doing the right thing - a dilemma, I guess all parents go through when hitting this milestone.

I reminded myself that I am doing this for her and to work towards a better future for her and this is the one thing that is keeping me motivated.

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The day began at 4:30am and I aimed to leave home by 6am. Little A normally is up for the day at 6am but today she was up half an hour early, she knew I was going out as she has cleverly made the association of wearing a coat and going out. I remember walking into our room to say goodbye, gave her a kiss and a cuddle and left as she held onto the cot bars and watched me like a prisoner.

I missed a few steps and fell down the stairs causing me to think ‘is this a sign?’ Of course not! After a dizzy spell, I got back up on my feet, after considering calling work and saying I can’t make it today as was in pain but I work as a Supply and knew if I didn’t go, it would cause a huge chain of problems, it was also my first assignment so I didn’t want to make a bad first impression!

So off I went limping into the freezing cold, I can’t remember when was the last time I had leave home this early and forgot how cold it can be so early on! I managed to get to the school on time after ending up on the wrong bus (seriously a great start for me, right?). The next couple of hours was spent standing and walking around keeping the students in check.

I will be honest, I just love the feeling of having authority!

The journey home was exciting, the feeling of walking in through the door and seeing Little A, I just could not wait. Her face instantly lit up when she saw me but still stared at me quizzingly, as if trying to ask me where had I been, why didn’t I make her breakfast today, why didn’t I feed her today - so many questions she probably wanted to ask but couldn’t.

Unfortunately, for the both of us, I had to leave again for the hospital as my foot was in a really bad condition, I am a bit better now as I write this, I am able to walk without my crutches thankfully. But this is an experience I don’t think I will ever forget! Lots of hurdles came in the way, trying to stop me in my tracks but I didn’t give in.

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I think every time I will leave home for work, my heart is going to feel that same ping as I am leaving a part of me, Little A, behind. This is something that will require a lot of time to get used too but I know I’ll get there eventually, at least I will be able to look forward to the end of the day where I’ll be able to go home to her.


Are you a working parent, have any tips? How did you feel?
Or are you someone whose gone back to work after a long time, your thoughts and  tips will be useful too!
Thank you for stopping by and please leave your thoughts below.

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